Vintage Steak House

Vintage Steak House opened their doors August 5th of 2011 in downtown Independence, Kansas at 119 W. Main Street.  Though new to Independence, Vintage steaks are associated with the quality of aging, recognized for improving over time in the classical old-fashioned manner of personal attention by the chef.

Richard Pereira is a professionally trained chef who graduated from Instituto de Banca, which is located in Puerto Rico, in 2002. However, Richard has been a professional chef for over 15 years. He owned and operated the successful “Chef to Order” catering company while in Puerto Rico. He had a short stent locally with being the Executive Chef of the Bella Vita restaurant. It was there that Richard’s dream of owning his own restaurant was revived and the birth of Vintage Steak House became a reality.

Richard and his family moved to Independence after Michelle’s job relocation in 2007. They are the typical American family with Richard bringing in three of his own kids and Michelle bringing three of her own. They have since then added Alex, who was born right here in Independence. Together, the nine of them make up the Pereira family.

As a family accustomed to tradition in their Latin culture, they have become entwined in the community and their church. Richard and Michelle both act as youth leaders at New Family Church in Christ.  They participate daily in their kid’s lives as they enjoy  small town America and all it has to offer.

In the economy of today, it took every bit of faith the family had to open the doors of Vintage Steak House. With the support of friends and backing of neighbors alike, and of course the blessing of God, they have forged the path to establishing a place for all to come and enjoy a meal in a friendly atmosphere filled with the feeling of service.  Richard’s true gift is sharing his talents and love of quality food with others.

Enjoy your meal!


 Richard - Michelle